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Akansha Bansal: Making your parenting experience better!

Akansha Bansal

Akansha Bansal, 27, is the co-founder of ‘Budding Star- Shaping future’. Budding star is basically a platform for kids. It has three different divisions. The first is ‘Kids shopie’ where a parent can search for a kids’ store, tuition classes, summer camp etc. in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali). Second is ‘Contest’ where Budding star serves as a platform for kids to showcase their talents. Parents can also send in their kids’ pictures or videos for contests and these will get shared on social media. If your child’s creativity receives a huge response from social media then along with social media coverage your child will win exciting, personalized prizes. The third division is ‘Blogging’ which is basically a platform for parents where they can share their parenting experiences and ideas. Currently, Budding Star has 25 mother bloggers on board.

Having an MBA degree from Panjab University and being a university position holder in the same, Akansha dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. As she hails from a business background, Akansha has been familiar to the business line since her childhood. After working as an Assistant Professor for four years in a Management Institute near Chandigarh, Akansha Bansal started Budding Star.

This dynamic woman from India, who so dedicatedly runs her project today, faced some challenges initially. Her challenges included working with freelancers as her project was getting ready. She says that freelancers are difficult to work with in terms of professionalism. But today, Budding Star has a professional team of workers.

Akansha counts being able to create her project in a short span of six months, even after being a non-techie as one of her biggest achievements. Today, Budding Star is getting a very good response. It has a listing of about 600 shops, summer camps, and music classes of Tricity. And the website was only launched in February 2017.

Akansha, along with her elder brother, wishes to make Budding Star a brand in Northern India. They are currently working on expanding their project in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other such states. They are also planning to open kids’ stores with the name ‘Buddy’.

With the love that Akansha has for kids, she is putting all her heart into her work and trying to make kids’ and their parents’ lives better. We need more women like Akansha Bansal.

Akansha’s message to readers:

Akansha’s message for her readers asks all the beautiful ladies to follow their dreams. She says that if you follow your dreams then success is sure to ccome your way. She says that even if your mind may sometimes say that nothing big will happen; always remember to listen to your heart. “And yes, there are no shortcuts, so work harder for your dreams to be true!!! And everyone says that entrepreneurship journey is alone, but as per me you need your loved ones around to support & guide. To pursue your dreams never ever loose such people. And I am fortunate to have them around”, Akansha Bansal adds.



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