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Anita Tiwary: Visual Artist

visual artist

Always having had the flair for art and a creative bend of mind, Anita Tiwary is an accomplished visual artist. Read to know more as this visual artist shares details about herself and her work:


  1. Tell us about yourself and your background.

I am a visual artist and my recent works are experimental, abstract soulscapes (Talks to Heaven) and dream narratives. My paintings are the thread of my inner journey of peace, love and humanity. I have a fascination with the unknown, uncanny and mysteries of nature.

I live in New Delhi (India) though brought up in Varanasi and it still inspires me.

  1. What you do currently? Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote.


Presently, I am working on Dream Narrative and Talks to heaven series. There are innumerable forms of life which synthesize the soul and body in different permutation and combinations. Hence, My works are threads of continuity which are intuitive and spontaneous, experimental and narrative weaving together. My personal insights and dreams communicate the tapestry of life. These strands are woven through one painting to another into a universe of my own with new mystery and wonder.


To explore further into the realms I work in acrylic and mix media to establish a new emphasis in space with not having a single viewing-position.


Recently I was given an opportunity to be a curator of Galerie Metanoia (Paris) presenting an Indo-French relationship by inviting Indian artists for a group exhibition at their gallery. I’ll be curating two group shows (Meraki- Group 1 & Narratives- Group 2) from the 29th of June till 12th of July 2018.


Paris is a thriving center of artistic activity that provides an exchange of innovative and creative ideas. Galerie Métanoïa located in the historical heart of Paris, a few steps away from the Pompidou Center, the gallery presents a selection of contemporary artworks that shift our gaze to the inner world.


It is designed to help artists promote their art and artistic careers, benefiting them in a number of different ways- exposure, exhibition, and even self-confidence.

Through this creative exchange from figuration to abstraction artist’s participation & gallery representation it is a wonderful possibility to show their art more popular and sell.


  1. What challenges did you face in achieving this success?


I have family, friends and fellow artists who encourage me psychologically. Communicating with them strengthen my beliefs that art is the mirror of the society.

My surroundings inspires me as it is a cosmopolitan city with many artists working here as it greatly helps me in channelizing my creative energy.










  1. What are your biggest achievements?


Group Shows:-

  • (2018) Participation in the group exhibition “Explosion of the visions” curated by Mr Heinz Playner (Director of PAKS Gallery) in MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Castle Hubertendorf in Austria.
  • (2017) Group show at the Contemporary Art Fair in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France) with PAKS Gallery.
  • (2017) Participation at Milan Biennale of Art with MAD Gallery, Milano (Italy).
  • (2016) Participated in Jaipur Art Summit, Jaipur, India.
  • (2016) Participated in India Art Festival, New Delhi, India.
  • (2015) Participated in Beijing Art Expo through Gallery SinSang, Seoul Korea.
  • (2015) Group exhibition at Indian Art Pavilion @ASIAMANIA,Seoul Korea.
  • (2014) Participated in India Art Festival, Mumbai.
  • (2013) ‘FEMINIST MAPPINGS II’ – a two women exhibition at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi, India.
  • (2012) ‘A Creative Journey’ Indian-Hungarian Exhibition at Tik-Tak Gallery, Feng Shui Gallery at Pécs, Hungary, organized by Liber- Arte Foundation and Art Indulge Foundation.


Solo Shows:-


  • (2017) Solo Show at ICONART Gallery, Hyderabad, India.
  • (2015) At Gallery SinSang,Seoul Korea.
  • (2014) At Neilson Gallery, Cadiz (Grazalema) Spain.


Aart Camps/Residencies:-

  • (2014) Residency by Neilson Gallery, Spain.


Links of my work-


Collection: India and Abroad

Email: anita.tewaree@gmail.com





  1. Tell our readers more about your personal life.


My journey of creativity started due to my father who spotted my drawings when I was in 3rd standard. Next day I saw an art tutor coming for me. By 8th standard I released that art is the goal of my life. My father encouraged my decision of taking admission in Fine Arts at Visual arts faculty Banaras Hindu University. My academic journey started with new insights of learning and approaching art through my mentors. I went to M.S. University Vadodara for 2years to do my post-graduation and in 1983 I joined Garhi studios (LKA, New Delhi) to start my career as a freelance artist.


In 1987 I received Garhi grant from Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi). As I was brought up in the holy city Varanasi. Its spirituality inspires me till today. I remember for my art practices I used to visit Ghats of holy river Ganga. Certainly, I used to spend hours there practicing landscapes, people, animals, noticing and listening to the holy rituals and chanting of the priest at the Ghats. All these things have given me spiritual bent of mind that my concepts are based on peace, harmony and love.

  1. What according to you are your future plans?

My goal for the future for work and life is to grow and expand in order to contract, so that these contractions may lead to new beginnings to loose myself in these colours, spaces and forms and yet find myself in them.

However, I tend to work with different kind of brushes to give tonal value, textures, movement and patterns of light and perspectives to my paintings. Also, I like to layer and lift the paint onto the canvas while maintaining the beauty, purity and tones of various colours.

I want to take further step from 2D to 3D that is to work in sculpture as a medium.



  1. What message do you have for our readers?


However, My message to the readers about creativity is to keep the door open to anything that can come in as inspiration.


As I Dream of one world, one family intermingling with each other in harmony. This mystic quest of mine is to bring peace of mind and purity of soul through supreme union with divine reality, a goal to which all human beings aspire, therefore, serve as light house, a universe which has beautiful form or shape with and extremely bright light and ethereal beauty. Then life can be simply a dance, a celebration, a continuous celebration.


Some works by visual artist Anita Tiwary

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