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Annu Kalra: Authort, Artist and Spiritual Guide

Annu Kalra

Annu Kalra: Annu Kalra is an author, artist and a spiritual guide. She lost her parents when she was just three and was then raised by her uncle and aunt. Annu Kalra has an Economics Honours degree form LSR, Delhi University and an MA in Economics from JNU. She soon got married after her graduation and had her first child two years later. She began her MA when her first child was two and she had her second child while pursuing her MA. After her MA, Annu Kalra started working in an Advertising Agency as a media planner and buyer. She was doing very well in her career. But then unfortunately, she had to go through a divorce after 16 years of being married. Annu then moved on to consultancy work because of the demands of being a single mother.

Despite of all the challenging situations that Annu had to face in her life, she chose to rise from each one of them and now helps others do the same, too. She recently authored a book known as ‘Aavirbhhav- Hindu Deities Guidance and Meditation Cards’. “In the process of looking for peace of mind and dealing with the stress of everyday life I explored many aspects of religion and spirituality. This is a self-help system which uses the iconic representation of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses to address the many queries of our life. In this book I have collated from many aspects like Yoga, Tantra, Vedas and shared many practical methods and logical understanding of many practices and beliefs. More recently have launched a Hindi version of the book too”, says Annu.

Annu Kalra


“My book Aavirbhaav is what I would really like more people to know about. It can be used very effectively by people to understand themselves, address their queries and  enhance the sense of well-being and peace in their lives”, says Annu Kalra on her book. Even the famous Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir read Annu’s book and said’ -“Aavirbhaav—Hindu Deites Guidance and Meditation Cards by Annu KALRA couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. As a cricketer I lead a hectic and sometimes ‘unreal’ life. Besides family, others I meet seem to be way too nice and dare I say artificial at times. This book has helped me navigate through some of the landmines that a cricketer’s life may entail. With this book’s assistance I am now learning to seek spiritual rationale in aspects of life. For me this book is a must have for any urban citizen.”

Annu Kalra

Annu Kalra is also a Communication Consultant with the Sahara Group. She is also a Guest Faculty at the NBA Institure. Also, she gives talks and lectures on the subject of spirituality and well-being. She also conducts individual counseling sessions and group workshops.

Every road to success has its own sets of challenges. The case was no other was Annu Kalra, too. On her journey of spirituality and becoming the person that she is today, even she faced challenges. “My challenges have not been any different from those that lots of other people face – Financial, emotional, Health, relationships, betrayal by trusted people.”

Annu Kalra believes that her biggest achievement is that her children are happy, well-meaning as well as good human beings.

Annu Kalra’s message to her readers:

“The outside world is a manifestation of our inner state. We need to address our issues from within us, operate from calm and peace and the same shall start getting reflected in our outside situation too. Become the best version of yourself, helping and supporting every fellow being to the best of your ability. Independence is a myth. We are all interdependent. We need to recognise that, express gratitude for the contribution of other people in our lives and do the best we can for others.  Some people, who I may have treated very well, did not exactly behave very well with me but life always looked after me. Strangers helped, family helped, friends contributed, household help, bosses, everyone participated in my life in a positive manner.”

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