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True woman of substance: Babita Agarwal

A true woman of substance


Meet Babita Agarwal- a true woman of substance. Even after having faced a dire situation when her husband died after just 3 years of their marriage, Babita Agarwal has an incredible zest for life. When her husband died, she was just 24 and had a 2.5 year old son. This being a very difficult phase for Babita as no one was ready to take responsibility of her and her son, she took charge of everything and since then there has been no looking back for her. Babita Agarwal is a very happy person and believes in living each and every moment of life to the fullest.

Babita is currently running an NGO and working on NABARD project. Her other project is, Aatma project, an agriculture related project in Lakimpurkhiri. For her brilliant effort, Babita has received a state award for chicken work from handicraft department.

In future, this true woman of substance plans to make a PMYK training centre in Lucknow that will help to provide employment. Today, Babita Agarwal is a self-made and independent woman who lives her life on her own terms. She has successfully raised her son as a single mother; who currently is enrolled for a BBA course in a renowned college. At present she is well established with her own house, own car and an office. She is definitely an inspiration to many women out there trying to get hold of their life. Babita Agarwal is a true example of how we all, with the strength that lies within us, conquer all our fears and that all we have ever dreamed of.

Babita’s message to all readers:

“Everyone has problems in their life but you need to face them. Instead of crying, stand up pull your shirt up and start working .Crying is not the solution. Be brave enough and make yourself strong enough to face the world. Live each moment of your life and enjoy each phase.”

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