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Baby Essentials Private Limited: Namita Saxena, woman entrepreneur

baby essentials

Baby Essentials:

The story of Namita Saxena, founder of Baby Essentials. Namita Saxena is also the recipient of Karamveer Chakra Fellowship Award.

The Indian market is full of companies that create products that carter to the needs new-born babies. But none of these products guarantee that your child will be free of infections. And that’s where Namita Saxena’s Baby Essentials comes to your child’s rescue. Baby Essentials offers unique and innovative range of neonatal (new-born) clothing, made from medically accepted, disposable and degradable fabric, namely “Néonatale Tissu” Fabric. Unlike cloth, Néonatale Tissu Fabric is an engineered fabric, having all the good properties of cloth such as stretchability, thermal insulation, etc.


“We have tried to interweave our products with the typical life cycle of a mother. When an expecting mother enters into the delivery room, there you need a delivery kit. Usually in certain hospitals, the staff members in the delivery room do not wear standardized uniform, everything comes from different vendors. I thought to have a ‘Delivery Kit’ that could to serve the purpose of Doctor, Nurse, Expectant Mother and the Newborn. It is one stop solution for delivery needs.

Now as soon as the child is born, she needs clothes. Usually, In India, old worn out clothes are used for new born babies with the logic that they are soft but they usually have lint that lead to bacterial growth. First 28 days is neonatal period and the first 7 days are the most crucial days for the new born babies. And the first day, when baby comes out of safe womb environment to outer unsafe pollutant environment, is the most critical day for a baby. So, we made a ‘Néonatale Infection Guard Kit’, which takes care of the head to toe requirement of the Newborn.


We also have a product line called ‘Néonatale Essentials’. It includes absorbent nappies, carrying sheets, bibs, mittens, foot covers etc. It is useful in either of the two incidents, after the birth of the baby when it is taken to NICU, neonatal intensive care unit, or is handed over to the mother.

When the child gets discharged with mother, hospitals might give the mother a customized gift basket to make the parents feel happy and proud. For this, we have Newborn Gift Basket”, says Namita Saxena explaining the range of products that Baby Essentials offers.

Namita is the second amongst four siblings. While she was in school, her father started a business of baby products. She belonged to a well off service class family but their circumstances changed after her father’s business suffered losses and she and her family had to face extreme financial adversities. But, despite the difficult circumstances, Namita took this experience to learn from it.  Thus, after completion of her 12th standard, Namita began taking tuition classes to support her family and also involved herself in her father’s business. But, unfortunately, due to heavy losses, her father’s company had to be shut down.


Along with graduation, she also did ‘A’ level Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications. Namita then went on to work with many companies including an IT company. But, she quit in 2008.

It was when Namita’s daughter was 3 years old, she and her husband made a decision that one of them should quit their job. Namita was the one who quit her job. But after 15 years of working full time, she did not want to sit idle. That’s when the idea of reviving her father’s company occurred to her. On her parents’ suggestion, instead of reviving the old company she started a new one and named it ‘Baby Essentials’. In 2015, Namita became the sole proprietor of Baby essentials and in 2016 it became a private limited company.


“My husband Amrendra Narayan is one of the pillars of my life who gives unconditional support in my every endeavour. Both, I and my Husband believe in serving the less privileged and our ultimate aim is to do something for less privileged class of society to achieve an inner fulfilment. We have understood, for getting this fulfilment, we need to take bigger risks. Job cannot provide us with this fulfilment and thus we started this enterprise”, says Namita Saxena.

“The biggest challenge is, it needs a mind-set change and the medical industry has to accept it. As per the typical Indian mind-set, people are still comfortable adapting things of one-time use. Most of the people here still don’t understand the concept of sterilization. We also can’t expect people in rural areas to buy it just to throw away after a day’s use. To reach out to the masses, the government needs to give it to the masses through government hospitals


Private hospitals can always accept it because the parents coming here are informed and aware and won’t mind spending a little extra for their new-born’s safety. The issue is that it needs to reach the lower most segments that need it the most, which is challenging. I want it to get accepted by the Private hospitals so that the product gets visibility and credibility”, says Namita regarding the challenges she’s faced.

Namita Saxena is truly an inspirational woman. Despite of facing so many challenging times in her life, she dealt with them each time with her head held high.  This woman of substance is also the recipient of the Karamveer Chakra Fellowship award.

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