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Bhangra by Christine

Bhangra by Christine
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Bhangra by Christine: Daughter of a German father and a Danish mother, Christine currently resides in Denmark. She has been dancing since she was merely 3 years old.

Fascinated by Bollywood and its music as a teenager, Christine was already acquainted with India and Indian music. It was once that co-incidentally she came across Bhangra online and she thought that it looked fun. That’s how Christine’s Bhangra journey started and ‘ Bhangra by Christine ‘ came into existence. Since then, Christine’s love for Bhangra only kept on growing. She has been doing Bhangra for the past 4 years now. Christine has taught classes all over Europe as well as India and has also worked in various Punjabi music videos. Christine shares her love for Bhangra with the world through her popular YouTube channel that goes by the same name, ‘ Bhangra by Christine ’.  She posts videos of her performing the dance form on various Punjabi songs.

Currently a student of Masters’ in Business Communication, Christine wishes to become a business woman soon and an even better dancer. Telling about her plans for the near future, Christine said, “End of January I’ll start my Bhangra tour. I’ll start in London, and then go to Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Dubai. I’ll be performing, teaching Bhangra and doing dance videos with different YouTubers.”

Bhangra by Christine

Christine believes in hard work and dedication above everything. She is a firm believer that, with hard work and dedication, one can achieve anything. “I’ve worked hard on learning Bhangra and improving on my videos. I want to keep on giving my followers interesting content. I’m basically one of very few Bhangra teachers in Denmark. So when it comes to workshops and performances I don’t have any real competition. I have a great team of dancers here who support my in everything I do. Then I have my friends and my followers from all over the world, who also help me in getting ideas for improving my dancing and my videos”, said Christine.

Christine believes that her biggest achievement has been getting accepted. “Being accepted by Punjabis living all over the world means the most to me. Also people from the Punjabi Music industry always support me.” Another thing that she considers as an achievement is when her students manage huge performances without her presence.

Bhangra by Christine

Christine is passionate about traveling and considers herself to be lucky to be able to combine her love for travel with her work as ‘ Bhangra by Christine ’. Apart from that, Christine is also a cat-lover. “I love cats. My friends might even say I’m crazy about them. Just as much as I’m crazy about my phone haha.”

Christine’s message to her readers:

“Do whatever makes you happy. Work hard for it. Take every chance you get. Don’t be scared of anything. Just give every chance a try.”



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