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Madhu Khandelwal, Founder and CTO of Mera Medicare

Madhu Khandelwal, Founder and CTO of Mera Medicare

Madhu Khandelwal, Founder and CTO of Mera Medicare

Madhu Khandelwal is a start-up geek who has a prodigious interest in high-tech and internet industry. She also has a series of other Start-ups.Apart from being a founder and CTO of Mera Medicare.

In India the idea of ordering medicines from an online website and delivering at the doorsteps is not so popular, she wanted to  make patients lives hassle free by helping them save on medicines costs and  thus Mera Medicare was launched successfully to bridge the gap without negotiating the quality.

The idea of starting Mera Medicare started when she moved to the USA after getting hitched to Pankaj, Although, she had easy options such as getting a job or doing Masters, she decided to  take the Entrepreneurial plunge and visualised creating something meaningful and it seemed fascinating to her. One of the episodes about “Does Healthcare Need Healing?” on Satyamev Jayate wherein Aamir Khan and a doctor talked about the benefits of Generic Medicines, it  was a complete surprise to Madhu. This gave birth to the idea of starting up Mera Medicare and since then she tried to create awareness, efficiency and transparency to the Healthcare.

Madhu’s team would like to expand in atleast 50 major cities of India and in more than 100+ cities in next 2 years. Other targets for next two years are:

Registering 5 Cr Users

Adding two more innovative and profit-making business segment

Reach to 100,000 transactions/ day

Registering 10,000 Pharmacies

They also plan to work on big data integration and data analytics to create more values for their customers. They’ll  keep hiring bright minds in form of advisors or employees to keep innovating their system and product.

Till now, their biggest challenge was to wrap up the right features and value propositions. When they started working on the idea of establishing Mera Medicare, they thought of creating the best solution and serving all the value propositions from Day 1 itself. In order to achieve what they invested many months in creating those features, however, they soon realised that all those features didn’t attract much customers. Then they had to spent another month or two to de-feature and work again on the system.


Another huge challenge was to earn credibility. Many patients still didn’t believe that medicines can be sold online and delivered at home legally. To resolve the credibility issues, they have changed their  pitch and started working on “Delivery from nearest authentic chemist”.

In terms of business, she has seen many achievements such as partnerships with AllizHealth, IHO, Healthy Billions, etc. However, the most beautiful moment was to receive blessings and appreciation from an old lady in very initial phase of Mera Medicare and was very supportive. Even though the lady was a regular user of those medicines but didn’t  receive such kind of customer service and discounts in the past experience.

Managing the funding for the base operations initially was quite challenging.

The team didn’t take help from any organisation or networking group, however they truly believe that joining entrepreneurial and networking groups could be highly profitable to the new entrepreneurs. So far, they have been rebooting to operate Mera Medicare.

Madhu Khandelwal believes that women can do anything if they decide to. And her advice to budding entrepreneurs is to Start Early, Fail Early!

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