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Megha Rawat: Engineer turned beauty queen and actress

megha rawat

Megha Rawat: Engineer turned beauty queen and actress

Meet Megha Rawat- a software engineer, former Mrs India, and a stage and T.V actress. Read to know more about this very talented beauty queen mom Megha Rawat as she shares the story of her journey with Indus Divas.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:

I am Megha Rawat, a software engineer & former Mrs India winner, now working as a stage and TV actress. My journey to the glamour world began after I won Mrs.Rajasthan in 2012 which opened doors for me at Mrs. India contest and subsequently winning the title gave me an opportunity to represent my country at Mrs. Asia pageant held at Malaysia.

I felt extremely proud and privileged to hold high my country’s flag among 10 other nations of the world. During the pageant, I represented the beautiful and vivid culture of India which bagged me ‘Top 5 spot in Talents of Asia ‘.This shall remain special for me forever, as being appreciated on an international platform not as an individual but as a country fills one’s heart with extreme pride and joy. Nevertheless -‘a feeling for a lifetime.’

megha rawat


Tell us about your life post Mrs. India:

Post winning Mrs. India in 2013, I was nominated as “Goodwill Ambassador” for Pahal NGO, a youth organisation based in Punjab, India. During this association, I campaigned for the cause of blood donation & worked towards social & environmental issues. As a part of another project at Sambhali trust based in Rajasthan, I imparted computer education to under privileged women and children.

I support eye donation and have pledged my eyes. To promote eye care, I also volunteer as a writer for icareinfo, a monthly newspaper committed to the cause of blind in India. Some more of my community work includes volunteering with Goonj, a leading organisation working for rural development. I was also honored as the recipient of ‘Woman Achiever award’ by Rajasthan state.

You are an actor too. Share a little about your acting life:

mefga rawat


As an actor, I have been working into theatre for past 4 years and performed in several national & international theatre festivals and plays across the country. I have been privileged to do some of the finest work in theatre under the guidance of senior theatre doyens of the country and many of my staged plays have been awarded as the national best plays and staged at prestigious festivals. My TV journey includes channels like star plus, zee, discovery etc. where I have portrayed different roles on television programs.

What do you think is the mantra of your success?

I believe limitations are only in mind. I have never caged myself into labels of ‘this is who I am or this is what I can do or this is who I want to be’. When you free yourself from such labels you give yourself wings and you can be anything in this world. You become a free spirit and the master of your energies which you can explore in any way you want to. I consider my journey as a beautiful learning because the more I explore the more I feel gratitude towards life, of its blessings and a realization about little things one needs to be appreciative about.

Also, that true achievement lies in giving and not receiving. The face of success may be one but it has sweat and unconditional love and sacrifice of many behind and these unsung heroes who take pride in supporting someone else are achievers in real sense. Moms, wives, husbands, brothers who give up on their dreams or tirelessly work for someone else’s success without a reason. People who cooperate or support others in anyway are winners for life.

Megha Rawat ‘s message to readers-

I am a strong spiritual believer & I feel getting in touch with spirituality makes you realistic and grounded. In a world torn with materialism, it is easy to get trapped in the rat race of chasing things that are insignificant & superficial in real sense. The more we search for validation in outer world, the more one gets empty inside. But life becomes simple and fulfilled the moment we are able to make a subtle shift from an outer, material dependency to an inner, spiritual awareness, which restores us to our original nature of peace, respect and love.

Mental health is a burning issue in today’s society & I’m currently working on spirituality for mental health where spirituality and meditation can be used as tools for healing such issues. I would like to tell all the people who are facing any such challenge not to succumb to any peer pressure which the modern society is creating on us-of becoming the rich, the Wonder Woman/man, the successful, the ideal.

There’s nothing ideal nor is there a measure of success or failure in life ,the norms of success or idealism are inventions of our society and mostly lie in our head…We are all living our own experiences and journey and that’s what it’s all about.

True happiness and contentment is something which each one seeks but it lies not in trophies, awards or social validation but can be achieved only when our inner world is sorted with love, kindness, peace and contentment. As our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world.

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