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Richa Khare: Nutriwell ‘Fit n Fab’


Meet Richa Khare- crowned as Nutriwell ‘Fit n Fab’ for the year 2018.

Nutriwell ‘Fit n Fab’ a very special Title was bagged by Mrs. Richa Khare in event organized by ‘AISHA’

Richa Khare , a fitness freak, is a freelance event manager. An alumna of the Lucknow University, Richa did her MBA in tourism and service industry.

Nutriwell India’s very versatile and talented ‘Fit n Fab’ Richa worked as an air hostess for a year. She then went on to work in the hotel industry for three years. Side by side Richa also did catalogue modelling for several beauty brands. Currently, she enjoys doing everything that life has to offer her.

Along with all the endeavours that Richa manages to fulfil, she also enjoys writing phrases and blogs. One of her writings goes as follows:


She can deal with stress

And carry heavy burdens

She smiles when she feels like screaming,

And she sings when she feels like crying.

She cries when she is happy and

Laughs when she’s afraid.

Her love is unconditional

There’s only one thing wrong with her that’s:



Richa is an extrovert who believes in living her life with her own perception. She strongly feels that one should love oneself to love any other desired thing in this world. Richa is an adventurous soul who loves to travel and explore new places. She is also a die-hard foodie.

Personally, Richa enjoys the privilege of being a mother to a year old baby girl. Richa aims to continue with her event management career and also wishes take up modelling career once her baby girl grows up. “Further will continue my event career and along with that will surely take upon the modelling career too once my baby grows as currently I am the necessity of hers and she is the love of my life”, says Richa.

Nutriwell ‘Fit n Fab’s’ message to her readers:

You and your body need your own attention which nobody else can take care of. So live life and be healthy. Lastly, just want to say one thing that live life for yourself not for portraying it to others. Live the moments; don’t just pretend to be on social platforms. Live life!

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