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Super mom: Sarah Rawat

super mom

Super mom: Sarah Rawat

Communication within anywhere in the world is possible within seconds, one command to the automation system and our job gets done. And now, we have human lookalike robots as well. We are a pretty advanced world, aren’t we? But it seems this advancement is only in material things. Technology and science has made lots of developments; so isn’t it time that we do so with our minds and thoughts too?

It’s 21st century and the topic of mental health is still treated as a taboo. It is still hushed upon. It’s time we normalize it and talk about it freely and stop treating it as a taboo and remove the stigma that surrounds it.

Here’s a story of one such woman, super mom Sarah Rawat, who fought for her child who was diagnosed with autism and won the fight against it.


Sarah Rawat is an army wife and has been married since 4 years. Two years later, she had a baby boy. Everything was fine at first. But as the boy turned 2, his parents noticed that he hadn’t started speaking like other kids his age. But after consulting doctor they found out that their dear son had delayed speech issue or autism. This was very shattering news for the parents.

But like it’s said –‘Moms are a perfect blend of a soft heart and a strong mind’. So this super mom decided to take the matter in her own hands and fight for it and for her son.

In this journey of fighting with autism, super mom Sarah Rawat faced many backlashes. People started believing that her little son was mentally abnormal. This kind of talk, sometimes coming from your own relatives and the people around you is enough to tamper your confidence. However, this super mom did not let those comments get to her and continued to fight for her son.

She even shared that her son was denied admission in a school because of this issue of his. However, there are good people everywhere. Sarah was lucky to meet one such an angel who granted her son admission in her school. This angel Mrs Anupama Chauhan explained to this super mom every day that her child is completely normal.

Today, 9 months later, Sarah’s son Ranvijay Rawat is able to speak without any professional therapy. He now interacts with others and tries to read books.

super mom

Our super mom Sarah Rawat is an example that we can achieve anything if we try hard enough and have a positive outlook towards it.

Sarah Rawat’s message to her readers:

super mom

“Some important tips if you are fighting with autism:

Stay positive, and treat your child normally.

Don’t panic, take your time and give time and space to your child.

If you feel to you can consult doctors.

But don’t pressurize your baby, bcz you are the best therapist for your child.

Do creative things; involve them in your daily routine life.

Mere is safar me mere husband ka bahut bada support raha hai, he is backbone.

So parents support each other and baby ap dono ka hai, so joint efforts are required.”

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