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Dr. Balesh Jindal: Making peoples’ lives better with her world-class healthcare

Dr. Balesh Jindal
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Dr. Balesh Jindal is a graduate of the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College and has been in General Practice for over thirty two years. As a result, she has an extensive experience in primary health care, corporate consulting, emergency medicine and family medicine.


Key Attributes


Dr. Jindal has extensive experience as a family practitioner, a keen eye for family dynamics, values and relationships as she is now treating the fifth generation of the same families. She was a pioneer in providing a single stop Health facility in a place which had no efficient health Centre and was infested with quacks. She started with educating the locals about basics of ethical medical care. It was a daunting task in the initial decade. At times it seemed hopeless.  It was a lone battle but made her courageous.


She ventured into providing low cost medical care by using Generic drugs procured directly from the companies as well as negotiating special prices from laboratories and ultra-sonologists. She has treated, educated and counseled her patients patiently and single handedly changed the social mores and brought in modern and scientific perspective over the years. Now, she has numerous villages and towns as her catchment area. Child mortality due to measles, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, typhoid, malnutrition etc. has fallen drastically in her catchment area.


Dr. Balesh Jindal provides a no frills medical service where anyone can walk in and be diagnosed and treated in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost possible. She has diagnosed and treated thousands of tubercular cases in her careers and has seen endless cases of industrial accidents, attempted suicides, bride burning, domestic violence, pre and extra marital sex, sexual abuse with kids as young as 2 or 3 years, gang rapes etc. She has seen it all at close quarters and first hand and lived the experiences.




The main stay of her practice has been education. Educating her patients at every given opportunity has stood the test of time and helped her to gain their trust and loyalty. She educated them on nutrition, hygiene, domestic violence, family planning, vaccination, sexual abuse of young children, gender bias and even financial planning.




Her interest in Counseling led her to take up an online Social Psychology course that was the largest class in the world with over 200,000 students. Her essay on sexual abuse was selected from entries from all over the world for the Award for Compassion by Stanford University. I was invited to Stanford University to meet the Dalai Lama. She donated the prize money to a Delhi school to hold workshops on sexual abuse for children to make them aware of this menace in our society. She continues to educate and counsel students in Delhi schools in groups and privately. Her work in the schools on sexual abuse has been covered by the BBC on their official website titled “The most Compassionate Day in the World”


Current Interests


Her passion to make a difference to people’s lives has given her an opportunity to be associated to two NGOs and an urban school in Delhi where She visits on a regular basis to sensitize children about sexual abuse and to empower them to report such incidents.


Other Interests


Her collection of poems titled ‘Dear Father’ was published by Writer’s Workshop.


Dr. Balesh Jindal is a professional artist for the last twenty years and has had shows in India and abroad. Notable ones being:


A three city show in South Africa: Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban

Nehru Centre, London

Alfa Art Gallery, New York

Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi

And many more. 


Her art adorns the walls of many art collectors in India and abroad and has received accolades by the press and prominent art critics.

Her home was featured twice in a leading Home and interiors magazine.


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